One day excursion in Ratchaburi Province


  1. Boat trip at Damnoen Saduak Floating Market

      This popular floating market is about 100 km southwest of Bangkok in Damnoen Saduak District. It is the straightest and longest canal in Thailand. The floating market consists of a maze of canals and can be navigated by boat.  Female traders, often wearing traditional blue farmers' shirts with wide-brimmed straw hats use small wooden boats to sell their wares, often produce that comes directly from farms.  These boats are often full of vegetables and colorful Thai fruits.  It is a very attractive place for tourists to take a boat trip and to see the traditional way of selling and buying goods. Visitors can observe Thai traditional houses and the way they live along the canal.  For more information, you can visit:



  2. ‘Bang Lae’ coconut farm and sugar processing

      Coconut sugar is one of the famous products of Ratchaburi province. Coconut sugar is made from the coconut flower sap. Near to Damnoen Saduak floating market, there is a famous coconut farm and a local factory for hand-made coconut sugar. This factory is called ‘Bang Lae’ sugar factory (Bang Lae is the nick name of the owner). Here visitors can see demonstration of how to make the coconut sugar, starting from harvesting or "tapping" the flower bud stem of a coconut tree. The sap is collected and then transferred into large “woks” which are placed over moderate heat to evaporate the water in the sap. As the water evaporates, the sap starts to transform into thick syrup. From this form, it is further reduced to soft paste form of coconut sugar. Tourist can try the traditional process of making coconut sugar and tasting the sugar.



  3. The Blooms Orchid Park

      The Booms Orchid Park is located in Bangpae District. The area is about 100 rai (39.5 acre) with shady orchard and orchid park. It is a perfect place for tourists to visit because there are various kinds of colorful and beautiful orchids. Hybrid orchids such as Dendrobium, Aranda, Mokara, Aranthera, Vanda and Oncidium bloom throughout the year, especially in December. Tourists can enjoy sightseeing, walking and taking the photos in the park.  For more details, please visit