General Information

  1. Public Transport Services at Suvarnabhumi Airport

      From Suvarnabhumi airport to conference hotel (Arnoma Grand Bangkok)

        1.1 AOT Limousine (AOT : Airports of Thailand)

        AOT Limousine is the one and only official limousine service at the Suvarnabhumi International Airport. The contact counter of AOT limousine is located on the 2nd floor (Arrival floor) of the airport terminal. The price starts from 1200 THB.  The price depends on type of vehicle: 1200 THB for Toyota Camry (sedan), 1300 THB for Toyota Commuter (max. 8 persons). For more details, please see in the AOT limousine website (

        1.2 Public Taxi

        Public taxi service is located on the 1st floor (Ground level) of the airport terminal. Taxi counter (1st floor) is near entrances 3, 4, 7 and 8. You receive a ticket from a taxi queue machine, proceed to the lane number printed on your ticket. Taxi fare is about 300-400 THB. The metered taxi fare does not include an airport surcharge (50 THB) and expressway fees.


        1.3 Airport Rail Link and BTS-skytrain

        Airport rail link is an inexpensive transport connecting Suvarnabhumi airport to Bangkok city, Phaya Thai station (interchange with BTS Sukhumvit Line (Phayathai Station)). The airport rail link operates daily from 06:00 to 24:00, with commuter City Line’ trains departing every 10 minutes during peak hours (06:00-09:00 and 16:00-20:00) and 15 minutes off peak and weekends. For time table of city line train and more details, please see the airport rail link website (

Airport Rail Link Stations


        Transportation from Suvarnbhumi airport to Arnoma Grand Bangkok by Airport Rail Link and BTS-Skytrain:

  • Buy a ticket at airport rail link ticket office at Suvarnabhumi Airport located on B1 floor of airport terminal.
  • Take the airport rail link  at Suvarnbhumi airport (A1) to Phaya Thai station (A8: BTS-skytrain interchange). The fare of a single ticket is 45 THB. Travel time is about 30 min.

Airport Rail Link Stations

  • Walk from Phaya Thai  airport link station (A8) to Phayathai  BTS station (N2) about 1 min (140 meters).
    (Walk direction: Head west toward Phayathai road and turn left onto Phayathai road)
  • Buy a BTS-skytrain ticket at BTS ticket office  or a ticket machine at the Phayathai (BTS) station. Single journey ticket fare from Phayathai Station (N2) to Chit Lom Station (E1) is 26 THB.
  • Take BTS-skytrain  (Sukhumvit Line to Samrong) from Phayathai Station (N2) to Chit Lom Station (E1). Travel time is 6 min.


  • Take Exit 6 from Chit Lom Station. Walk from Chit Lom Station to Arnoma Grand Bangkok about 5-10 min, 400 meters.
    (Walk direction: Head north toward Ratchadamri road and turn right onto Ratchadamri Road)



    2. Visa

        Citizens of some countries, holding valid passports or travel documents, are entitled to visit Thailand for the purpose of pleasure for a period of 30 days without applying for a visa. Citizens of some countries can apply for a 30-day visa upon arrival. However, please check with the Royal Thai Embassy nearest to you. If visa is needed, please ensure that your visa application is approved prior to your departure. For further information, please visit


    3. Climate

        The weather in Bangkok is dominated by a tropical monsoon climate. The city has three main seasons: hot season from March to June, rainy season from July to October and cool season between November and February. Temperature range in December is from 21-31oC.